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Rooms & Rates

All the rooms at our backpackers are supplied with clean, fresh linen and doona’s.

Dorm Rooms

Backpackers in Dunsborough - Rooms & Rates

    4 Bed Dorm

    • YHA Members AUD$34
      • Standard AUD$38

        6 Bed Dorm

        • YHA Members AUD$32
          • Standard AUD$36

            Dorms Weekly Rate

            • Weekly Dorms from AUD$180
              • 4 Weeks (in advance) from AUD$650

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Private Rooms

Private Backpacker Rooms

    Single Room

    • YHA Members AUD$54
      • Standard AUD$60

        Double Room

        • YHA Members AUD$84
          • Standard AUD$92

            Weekly Rates

            • Weekly Private Rooms (p/p) from AUD$210

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